It’s fun to try new solutions and tweak them, push them to their limit and see what they are really made of. Sometimes they turn out to be less than what you expected. Sometimes you fall madly in love. But ultimately it comes down to ease of use and convenience. If you manage to tick all the “I want/I need” boxes with your current tool there’s no need to get rid of it.

That’s why I’ve decided to go back to posting at the original blog space. Please update readers etc to:

Sorry for the fuss.


TechCrunch UK launches

August 24, 2006


Looks like I’ve ended up with something of a UK theme today…

Congrats to Michael Arrington and new partner Sam Seth, editor of the brand spanking new TechCrunch UK. Launched earlier today, it has 3 subscribers to its feed as of 10.30am ET, a number that will no doubt go up as soon as people hear about it.

The tech scene in England is incredibly different from the US in many ways (including biz culture and attitude) and its good to see that Arrington has hired a local editor.

Is TechCrunch Sweden next? It certainly should be.

BBC News is in my mind the premier news organization in the world. And guess what, they are funny too. The “Beeb” is currently promoting its range of online news delivery options including feeds, podcasts etc.

The brilliant “Newsnight” show is now being made available as a video podcast and also as a regular audio only podcast. Under the latter BBC notes that it is delivered “…without the inconvenience of pictures.” British wit and understated humor at its best.

BBC News podcasts

1000 Words

August 23, 2006

The era of Web 1.0 had Alex Tew’s The Million Dollar Home Page. Today we have (the very un-Web 2.0) The 1000 Word Page. We the online peoples of the world love this stuff. Why? Is it a meta thing? I don’t know. But it’s sort of fun. And it made Alex very rich. Hopefully the two v nice French biz students Guillaume and Olivier will get some cash out of their 1000 words.

Now back to our original scheduled programming…

A brand new home

August 18, 2006

Finally it’s time to move in.

This is the brand new home of the Orvet Digital blog. Or rather The Plan Worked. I’ll explain the name change in a later post, I promise it will make sense.

I’m now brilliantly powered by which means that in addition to the main URL,, I’m also at

I’ve decided to leave all the the old 2003-2006 posts over at the old space, mainly due to problems exporting them from Blogger. Eventually I’ll link to the all monthly archives from here, but until then please visit the old stomping grounds for any older posts you might need. Update: All the archive links are now in place.

As you can see there’s still much to do here, including working out some CSS tweaks, adding the (new) graphics etc. But at least I’m in.

Speak soon.

New profile

August 2, 2006

Still on the self imposed blogging break, but I wanted to offer a sneak peek at the new profile here on the blog as we’ve put it up on the main site too.