A brand new home

August 18, 2006

Finally it’s time to move in.

This is the brand new home of the Orvet Digital blog. Or rather The Plan Worked. I’ll explain the name change in a later post, I promise it will make sense.

I’m now brilliantly powered by WordPress.com which means that in addition to the main URL, theplanworked.com, I’m also at orvet.wordpress.com

I’ve decided to leave all the the old 2003-2006 posts over at the old space, mainly due to problems exporting them from Blogger. Eventually I’ll link to the all monthly archives from here, but until then please visit the old stomping grounds for any older posts you might need. Update: All the archive links are now in place.

As you can see there’s still much to do here, including working out some CSS tweaks, adding the (new) graphics etc. But at least I’m in.

Speak soon.

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